[Super Sale 12.12] Virtual Office is 50% Off

Promo Period 1 – 31 December 2020
As Jakarta continues to combat COVID-19 and “New Normal” procedures are being put in place, the question remains, can businesses return to the office?

The answer, as we know by now, is of course YES. Serviced Office like Uptown has its own protocols in place to combat the pandemic, which has made it easy for entrepreneurs to step back to their lovely office.

Therefore, we have an amazing news for you would like to make a comeback! Uptown Serviced Office is now giving you a chance to rent our Virtual Office for up to 50% off (pay 12 months in advance, and you will get another 12 months for FREE). Interesting isn’t it? All you need to do is call us at our hotline number (021) 5082 3400 or send us an email through this link. How convenience is that?

So don’t wait for a specific day and if you are exploring your office space options right now, please get in touch with our Community Team to learn about amazing deals from Uptown Serviced Office.

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