Merdeka Deals! Co-working Space is 30% Off Now

Promo Period 1 – 31 August 2020
A crucial part of realising our “New Normal” as a society will be the process of transitioning a global workforce back to the workplace safely. Of course, these offices will look quite different from when we all left behind in March.
And to ensure you are feeling safe and welcome, we have created a guidelines for how people work in the office (including the use of large circles and other visual cues on the floors that are similar to hospitals).
To help you get started, we’re offering you now special access to a whole bunch of discounts, exclusively for people who are looking for a new working place in South Jakarta without the need of buying things for their office.
Offers are limited to Private Office, Shared Office, Capsule Office, and Co-Working Space with an additional 30% discount. These deals definitely are great for people who can’t be productive at home because of their individual challenges.
So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this special opportunity and call us right now at 021-5082 3400 or 021-5082 3401 to book your order. For more information please email us at
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