Book Your Co-Working Space Now for 30% Off

Promo Period 1 May – 30 June 2020
Moving can be pretty stressful, but with that stress comes the excitement of starting over in a brand new space. Even if you’re hauling all your stuff with you, there will inevitably be a list of things you need to buy new.
To help with that, we’re offering you now special access to a whole bunch of discounts, exclusively for people who are looking for a new working place in South Jakarta without the need of buying things for their office.
Offers are limited to Private Office, Shared Office, Capsule Office, and Co-Working Space with an additional 30% discount. These deals definitely could save you thousands to millions of Rupiah, especially if you’re upgrading to a larger space and need additional services.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this special opportunity and call us right now at 021-5082 3400 / 021-5082 3401 to book your order. For more information please email us at
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