Big Deals! Event Space Disc 77%

Promo Period 19 July – 31 August 2022
Are you currently collaborating or partnering with other business to drive your growth? For many business owners in after pandemic COVID-19 situation, the typical answer would probably No. They are fearful of losing customers or losing out on the revenue. However, when done right, working with other business can actually help to widen your reach, deepen your knowledge, and strengthen your impact. In other words, business collaborations and partnerships can drive significant growth for your business!

If you’re keen to gather your community, make a collaboration professionally through Virtual Meetings, Event, or Meet Up, we have a perfect event space for you! Through this promo, you will get complete modern facilities, such as: Dedicated WiFi up to 40 mbps, Green Screen, Projector, Sound System, and more. This promotion is valid until 31 August 2022. If you have any questions, you may contact us via email to or phone call (021) 5082 3400.

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